AVP Express On Call ~ Our Most Cost-Effective Shipment Solution

LTL Trucking Companies in OhioTired of freight classification issues? Tired of paying high prices for LTL service? Why not purchase available space on the trailer?

It’s one of the most effective ways to save money. When your delivery is not time-sensitive, simply request AVP’s “On-Call” service – when the space for your freight becomes available we’ll call you and schedule a pick up time.

AVP Express works with you to achieve you the best shipping prices available, and many clients see savings as much as 10% to 50%. It all depends on the weight, shape, size and requirements of your shipment.

Proven Options that Save You Money

Freight shipping rates are determined by a number of factors. Weight is one of the most important. Freight classification is another. Overall size and volume also impacts the transportation costs, as does the distance traveled and the points of both pickup and delivery. Value of your freight is also a very important consideration.

Yes, it can seem confusing…but our AVP Express Team will work with you to get the best discounted rate on your shipments. Providing the correct information about your freight will help you get the best pricing and most economical method of safely transporting your freight.

Is there an even more cost-effective method for AVP truckload (TL) or less-than-truckload (LTL) service?

Dedicated Trucking Service OhioYES! Another great option to save money is AVP’s Dedicated Service. Our dedicated trucking service was created for our clients to save money on shipping and improve shipping efficiency by having a truck dedicated specifically for your company – but with no late deliveries, no liability, no damaged freight, no maintenance expenses, and no having to deal with complex logistics problems.

WORRY-FREE. The benefits of AVP Dedicated Service is there is no other freight loaded on the truck and no pickups or deliveries to conflict with your defined delivery schedule.

There’s no need to pay a third-party carrier the extra costs to coordinate your freight shipments. Call our AVP Express sales representative and start saving on your Truckload (TL) or Less-than-truckload (LTL) freight today! Call Monday through Friday at 330-899-8689 or contact us online.